Sports-Cote FLOOR SEAL DIAMOND with twice the resistance of single pack systems

Denbigh High SchoolSports-Cote FLOOR SEAL DIAMOND is specifically formulated using water-based polyurethane technology and is a two pack sealer that enhances the appearance of natural wood sports floors

Wooden sports floors are subject to extreme traction during turns, sudden acceleration and stops. Sports-Cote FLOOR SEAL DIAMOND will rapidly develop hardness and has excellent abrasion and scuff resistance, making it the ideal choice where a swift return to play and durability are essential requirements.

Sports-Cote FLOOR SEAL DIAMOND utilizes UV-resistant polyurethane technology and its non-yellowing properties make it suitable for sealing white wood floors. The sealer is readily applied by short pile roller and is available in gloss, satin and matt finishes.

Special Properties

  • Easy application with early hardness development - less waiting time
  • Low odour - better experience for users
  • Excellent abrasion and scuff tolerance -for good looks that last longer
  • Super tough for extreme durability
  • UV-resistance -no yellowing or degradation due to the action of light
  • Aesthetically pleasing - enhances the appearance of the natural wood grain
  • Slip resistant -conforms to BS7044: Part 4
  • Low maintenance means lower on-costs for cleaning
  • Unaffected by common cleaning agents - no deterioration of surface during maintenance