Floor Seals for Wood Floors

Denbigh High SchoolSports Coatings wood seals and finishes

Our wood seals and finishes are specially formulated to resist wear and meet the demanding situations presented by heavily used multi-sport floors and squash courts. We recommend Sports-CoteTM Pro PU for multi-sport floors and Sports-Cote Floor Seal Diamond for wood. Sports-Cote Sport Garde is used on squash court walls.

The Surfaces

Sports-Cote FLOOR SEAL DIAMOND with twice the resistance of single pack systems

Sports-Cote FLOOR SEAL DIAMOND sports floorSports-Cote FLOOR SEAL DIAMONDis specifically formulated using water-based polyurethane technology and is a single pack sealer that enhances the appearance of natural wood sports floors

Wooden sports floors are subject to extreme traction during turns, sudden acceleration and stops. Sports-Cote FLOOR SEAL DIAMOND will rapidly develop hardness and has excellent abrasion and scuff resistance, making it the ideal choice where a swift return to play and durability are essential requirements.

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Surface types and technical...