Playgrounds and Play Areas

A children's play areaSports Coatings surfaces turn plain macadam and polymeric surfaces into adventures in colour

Playgrounds - and other play areas should not only be designed with safety in mind but also look attractive and stimulate the imagination of children. Our range of bright colours in durable finishes is an ideal solution.

Kid Zones - these are the latest word in getting children to participate in tennis at a level that is fun and less formal. All our tennis surfaces are suitable for Kid Zones.

The Surfaces

Sports-Cote PREMIUM

Sports-Cote PREMIUM is a single pack water based coating designed for application to porous macadam surfaces.

Designed to be used as a spray applied coating for porous substrates. This coating will enhance the appearance of the area.

The bright and vibrant colours will add visual interest to even the dullest playground. And, the colours will last.

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Sports-CoteTM Pro Hardcourt

Sports-CoteTM Pro Hardcourt High Performance Hardcourt Acrylic Surface.

Sports-CoteTM Pro Hardcourt is an economic surface coating. The system has no cushioning layers but has high visual impact and good durability.

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