Polymeric sports surfacePolyurethane Coating for Polymeric Surfaces

Sports-Cote POLYSPRAY is a single pack polyurethane coating designed specifically for application to “polymeric” playing surfaces.

Sports-Cote POLYSPRAY is formulated using flexible and highly durable polyurethane technology. This provides optimum longevity when applied to “polymeric” tennis and netball courts, hockey pitches, five-a-side soccer pitches and Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA’s).

Polymeric sports surfaceSports-Cote POLYSPRAY is readily applied by airless spray and is available in a range of colours.

Special Properties

  • Airless spray application for even and economic coating
  • Quick cure formulation to reduce facility downtime
  • Abrasion resistant for high durability and long useful life
  • Deep colours for an aesthetically pleasing surface
  • Resistant to the growth of fungi and algae
  • Very good chemical resistance - withstands degradation by common pollutants
  • Slip resistant - meets the dry and wet standards of the ITF and AENA
  • Unaffected by common cleaning agents - no deterioration of surface during maintenance

It should be noted that, in common with other aromatic-based polymers of this type, some fading due to the action of light will occur over time.

Sports-Cote POLYSPRAY protects and enhances the appearance of “polymeric” playing surfaces whilst imparting the slip resistance characteristics that comply with the requirements of the ITF and AENA.

The cross-section of Sports-Cote POLYSPRAYThe cross-section of Sports-Cote POLYSPRAY shows the key components in the system.