Sports-Cote PREMIUM

Two colour tennis courtPorous Water-based Polyurethane Surface

Sports-Cote PREMIUM is a single pack water based coating designed for application to porous macadam Tennis Surfaces.

Sports-Cote PREMIUM is formulated using water-based polyurethane and acrylic resin technology which provides an environmentally safe coating with the necessary player/surface interaction characteristics to meet the current standards.

Sports-Cote PREMIUM is formulated using water based polyurethane derived from a natural sustainable source.

Sports-Cote PREMIUM is used as a coating for porous macadam tennis courts.

Sports-Cote PREMIUM will define the play area, enhance the appearance of the court and impart durability and slip resistance to comply with SAPCA’s Code Of Practice for the Painting of Porous Macadam Tennis Courts (

Multi Use Games AreaSPORTS-COTE EXCEL is used as a spray applied coating for high use porous Tennis and Netball surfaces. SPORTS-COTE EXCEL will enhance the appearance of the court, and impart the necessary slip resistance features and long term durability complying with the current standards laid out in the SAPCA Code Of Practice for Tennis and the AENA Netball standard.

Special Properties

  • Water Based Polyurethane/Acrylic Blend
  • Antislip (meets current standards)
  • Bright Intense Colours
  • Improved Drying Characteristics
  • Modified to Reduce Spray Drift
  • Highly Durable
  • Fungi and Algae Resistant
  • Compatible with Sports-Cote Court Binder