Sports-CoteTM Pro

Sports-Cote™ Pro Elite Tennis courts indoorsSports-CoteTM Pro Elite High Performance Impermeable Cushioned Acrylic Surface

ITF Court Classification - Pace 2 Medium SlowSports-CoteTM Pro system comprises a high quality prefabricated 6mm rubber mat and specially formulated acrylic coatings resulting in an extremely durable impervious surface offering maximum comfort and consistent ball bounce.

As well as having excellent durability the cushioning effect will remain constant throughout seasonal temperature variations and over many years of use.

The uniform thickness of the mat ensures true ball bounce on all areas of the court.

The coatings can be adjusted to meet the slip resistance requirements for other sports such as netball, basketball and five-a-side. This makes it the ideal surface choice for Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs).

Sports-Cote™ Pro Elite Tennis courts outdoorsSports-CoteTM Pro Elite is suitable for use both indoors and outside.

The substrate is usually a high density macadam or concrete base with minimum thickness as laid down by the SAPCA Code of Practice for the Construction and Maintenance of Tennis Courts.

The recycled rubber mat is then adhered to the substrate using a specially formulated solvent free adhesive.

A two pack polyurethane pore filler is applied to the rubber mat, giving a smooth surface for the system’s upper layers. To create a totally seamless and resilient system, this is followed by the application of a two pack polyurethane flexible membrane. Two wear layers of highly durable acrylic paint are then applied, together with a top coat that imparts the required colour and slip resistance to the surface.

ITF Performance Testing
Parameter Result ITF Classification
Surface Pace 34.4 Category 2
Shock Absorbency 17.5% Medium-Slow


Parameter Result Dry Result Wet ITF Preferred Range
Slip Resistance 97 70 60 - 110
Traction Coefficient 1.16 0.70 0.60 - 1.50

Results obtained from technical report on 6mm mat.

Cross-section of Sports-Cote™ Pro EliteThe cross section shows the key components in the Sports-CoteTM Pro Elite surface system.