Sports-CoteTM Pro In-Situ

Sports-Cote™ Pro In-Situ Cushioned AcrylicSports-CoteTM Pro High Performance In-Situ Cushion Acrylic Surface

ITF Court Classification - Pace 3 MediumSports-CoteTM Pro In-situ Cushion surface offers a genuine cushioned acrylic court that will suit the smaller budget.

The system is available with options on the thickness of cushion layer. The cushion thickness can be set between 1mm and 3mm and is applied as a series of coatings in liquid form.

Sports-CoteTM Pro system of wear layers and colour coats completes the installation.

Cross-section of Sports-Cote™ Pro In-SituThe cross section shows the key components in the Sports-CoteTM Pro In-Situ surface system.