Sports-CoteTM Pro PU

Sports-Cote™ Pro PU site applied, cushioned multipurpose sports surfaceSports-CoteTM Pro PU High Performance Acrylic Surface

Sports-CoteTM Pro PU. The system comprises a two-pack polyurethane adhesive, a prefabricated rubber mat, a two-pack polyurethane pore filler, a 2mm self-levelling polyurethane wear layer and a single pack, low odour, water-based polyurethane top coat.

Sports-CoteTM Pro PU remains point elastic due to the resilient nature of the prefabricated rubber mat together with the polyurethane wear layer and top coat.

  • Cushioned surface
  • Very resilient and durable
  • Seamless surface
  • Water-based polyurethane
  • Increased chemical resistance
  • Bright intense colours
  • Easy to clean

Sports-CoteTM Pro PU can be used for a number of sports and activities including badminton, tennis, netball, 5-a-side football, basketball, gymnastics, training, dance and aerobics.

Cross-section of Sports-Cote™ Pro PUThe prefabricated rubber mat is manufactured under factory conditions and this - together with the very resilient and durable self-levelling polyurethane wear layer and water-based top coat - means that Sports-CoteTM Pro PU has an extended useful life. Furthermore, the low maintenance demand includes regular sweeping and periodic wet cleaning only.

No polishing or buffing is required. Indeed, refinishing with a fresh top coat and wear layer will only be necessary after several years of usage. The prefabricated rubber mat can therefore be reused indefinitely.

The cross section shows the key components in the Sports-CoteTM Pro PU surface system.

Installation Sequence

Two-pack PU adhesive Prefabricated rubber mat Two-pack pore filling Two-pack PU wear layer Water-based PU top coat Activity lines application