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We offer a comprehensive range of tennis related base-preparations and surfaces. If your court is showing signs of fretting you may wish to consider using our Court Binder before application of the surface coating. Follow the links for more information on any of the tennis surface types.

The Surfaces

Sports-CoteTM Pro Elite

Sports-Cote™ Pro tennis courtSports-CoteTM Pro Elite High Performance Impermeable Cushioned Acrylic Surface.

Sports-CoteTM Pro Elite system comprises a high quality prefabricated 6mm rubber mat and specially formulated acrylic coatings resulting in an extremely durable impervious surface offering maximum comfort and consistent ball bounce.

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Sports-CoteTM Pro Hardcourt

Sports-Cote™ Pro Hardcourt tennis courtSports-CoteTM Pro High Performance Hardcourt and In Situ Cushion Acrylic Surface.

Sports-CoteTM Pro Hardcourt is an economic court that is a favourite with many players. The system has no cushioning layers but has appearance and durability characteristics that match those of the other surfaces in the Sports-CoteTM Pro range of products.

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Sports-CoteTM Pro In-Situ Cushion

Sports-Cote™ Pro In-situ Cushion tennis courtSports-CoteTM Pro In-situ Cushion surface offers a genuine cushioned acrylic court that will suit the smaller budget.

The system is available with options on the thickness of cushion layer. The cushion thickness can be set between 1mm and 3mm and is applied as a series of coatings in liquid form.

The Sports-CoteTM Pro system of wear layers and colour coats completes the installation.

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Porous Macadam plus Sports-Cote EXCEL

Sports-Cote EXCEL tennis courtSports-Cote EXCEL single pack coating for application to porous netball courts which are subjected to higher than average wear

Sports-Cote EXCEL will enhance the appearance of the court, and impart the necessary slip resistance features and long term durability complying with the current standards of set out by SAPCA for the painting of porous netball courts.

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Sports-Cote PREMIUM

Sports-Cote PREMIUM tennis courtSports-Cote PREMIUM is a single pack water based coating designed for application to porous Tennis Surfaces.

Designed to be used as a spray applied coating for porous Tennis courts. This coating will enhance the appearance of the court and will impart the necessary slip resistance features and long term durability complying with the current standards laid out in the SAPCA Code of Practice.

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