• Surfaces for netballSports-CoteTM Excel ideal for netball courts
  • Surfaces for tennisPorous, impermeable and cushioned types
  • Multi-Use Games Areas - MUGA7 surfaces to choose from
  • Sports-Cote<sup>TM</sup> Floor Seal DiamondWater-based Sealer for Natural Wood
  • Playground surfacesBrightly coloured and hard wearing surfaces

Customer Driven

Providing products designed for specific purposes using the best in modern coatings' technology and utilising the detailed knowledge of the needs of the contractor and player.


Our products are manufactured in our own factory under stringent conditions of quality control by specialised personnel.


Product development at Sports Coatings is customer driven. Brighter pigmentation, more durable resins, and the introduction of water-based polyurethane resins, giving longer, harder wearing coatings without the environmental issues associated with solvent based coatings. These are just a few of the recent innovations from Sports Coatings.


We are dedicated to total customer care - from the initial contact through to advice on care and maintenance of the chosen surface.

Member of SAPCA - The Sports and Play Construction Association

Member of SAPCA - The Sports and Play Construction Association

Surfaces for Sport Applications

Details of each sport can be found by following the links below.


We offer a comprehensive range of tennis related base-preparations and surfaces. These include cushioned and non-cushioned surfaces based on acrylic and polyurethane technologies. Water-based environmentally friendly options are available where appropriate.

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Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

Many sports installations are created with many uses in mind. The choice of surface coating is always a compromise.

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The number one participation sport after soccer is often played on less than ideal surfaces. Our surfaces comply with the latest Governing Body requirements.

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Gym Floors and Squash Courts

We offer a comprehensive range of wood seals and finishes. And options for squash court walls.

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Surfaces for Other Applications

Details of each application can be found by following the links below.


Our range of bright colours in durable finishes is an ideal solution.

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Line-marking Paints, Liquids and Compounds

We have line-marking paints for all surfaces and the machines to apply them.

Our range of line-marking paints is so extensive that we have dedicated an entire Website to line-marking products and applications.

To find out more please visit www.line-marking.net.