Sports-Cote Court Binder Acrylic

Water Based Acrylic Binder
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  • Easy and low cost to install
  • Consolidates and reinforces fretting courts
  • Single-pack - no mixing
  • Low odour and non-stain
  • Will not become brittle with age.



Sports-Cote Court Binder Acrylic is a single-pack water based acrylic lacquer designed for application to porous macadam-based sports surfaces.
Without affecting porosity, Sports-Cote Court Binder Acrylic penetrates the substrate and cures to form a strong yet flexible film within the interstitial spaces of the macadam.
Sports-Cote Court Binder Acrylic's water-based nature means that the material has an innocuous odour, is hazard-free to apply and does not contribute to bitumen-bleed. The material also contains agents to prevent algal and fungal attack.


When fretting is evident, Sports-Cote Court Binder Acrylic is applied to older macadam surfaces to consolidate and reinforce prior to the application of Sports Coatings’ paints.
Sports-Cote Court Binder Acrylic may also be used to treat new macadam surfaces to minimise the softening effect of elevated temperatures. This treatment also serves to optimise adhesion between the substrate and subsequent paint coats, thereby extending the service life of the paint. 


20 litre pails.


New macadam: up to 6m² per litre,
Old macadam: up to 3m² per litre.