Sports-Cote Excel

High Durability Porous Macadam Surface Paint
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  • Water based technology - Safe to use
  • Durable - Long expected lifespan
  • Slip resistant in both wet and dry conditions - Meets the required SAPCA standards for porous macadam courts
  • Algae and fungi resistant - Prevents the growth of contaminants that can damage the court
  • Easy to spray - Modified to reduce spray drift for increased control
  • High pigment concentration - Bright, intense colours with excellent coverage



Sports-Cote Excel is a single pack water based surface coating designed for application to porous macadam tennis and netball courts subject to higher than normal activity. Sports-Cote Excel is formulated using advanced polyurethane and acrylic resin technology providing an environmentally safe, durable and aesthetic coating. Sports-Cote Excel meets and exceeds the necessary player/surface interaction characteristics to meet current SAPCA standards.


Sports-Cote Excel is designed as a surface coating for porous macadam tennis and netball courts.

Sports-Cote Excel will define the play area, enhance the appearance of the court and impart durability and slip resistance to comply with SAPCA’s Code Of Practice for the Painting of Porous Macadam Tennis and Netball Courts ( For compliance with the respective slip resistance criterion for tennis and netball courts, Sports-Cote Excel is supplied in extra texture and full texture finishes.


20 litre pails.


6-8m² per litre per coat.