Sports-Line GMC Spraymarker Standard

Durable Grass Line Marking Paint
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  • Free-flowing for easy dilution in water
  • Brilliant pigmentation for high visibility
  • High acrylic resin content to give better adhesion and a long lasting line
  • Weather resistant when dry
  • May be used in any suitable spray marking machine
  • Can be used as a base to create different coloured lines



Sports-Line GMC Spraymarker Standard concentrated water-based paint designed for application to natural grass and shale sports surfaces. Sports-Line GMC Spraymarker Standard is formulated using acrylic resin technology which provides optimum adhesion and a highly durable line irrespective of climatic conditions. Sports-Line GMC Spraymarker Standard's bright pigmentation also ensures a highly visible line throughout its service life. 


Sports-Line GMC Spraymarker Standard is used to line mark activity areas on natural grass and shale sports surfaces.
Its free-flowing formulation makes for a quick and easy dilution in water, with the paint being applied by any suitable spray marking machine. 
Sports-Line GMC Spraymarker Standard can also be used as a base to mark different coloured lines using Sports Coatings Colourants. Sports-Line GMC Spraymarker Standard will define the play area, enhance the appearance of the court and impart durability and slip resistance to comply with SAPCA’s Code Of Practice for the Painting of Porous Macadam Tennis and Netball Courts ( 


12.5 litre pails.